The Healing Nutrient- Vitamin C

Vitamin C HealingVitamin C , always thought to be the magical healing nutrients by many of us. It is indeed, as many studies has shown that Vitamin C does play important role in preventing a variety of diseases, including protection against cancer. Some of cancers are thought to be caused by the harmful free radical, which damage our body healthy cells and tissues. As an antioxidant, Vitamin C helps to neutralize these free radical, thus minimizing the damages.

This vitamin could even help in delaying or preventing cataract formation. This is because ultraviolet light  and oxidative stress are believed to be the main causes of cataract formation. And Vitamin C can helps in preventing the damages caused by oxidative stress !

The other most commonly known above Vitamin C is that it does helps in fighting cold and flu. It is well known that this vitamin supercharges our immune system, helping it to move faster and fighting effectively against viruses and bacteria. While it may not means that we could prevent cold and flu with Vitamin C, it could actually help to shorten the infection period, and lessen the severity.

Further, Vitamin C has long known to be helping in protection of joints, gums, and skins, improving wound healing process by supporting the production of collagen. Nevertheless, apart of all these healing benefits, majority of us are actually fall short of sufficient level of this crucial nutrient on daily basis. Thus, that’s where vitamin supplement comes handy in helping us to boost up the required short fall.

Most of the vitamin supplements available in your local drug store are good source for it. However, for people with deficiencies in red blood cell enzyme ( or glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase ) shout avoid high intake of this nutrient. Consult your local healthcare professionals before hand.

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