Iron Deficiency – Anemia, Depression and Panic Attack

Having an iron deficiency is a very serious problem that can have very dangerous consequences if left untreated. In fact it can cause many problems such as anemia, hair loss and depression, these are fairly common but what most people don’t know is that it also causes panic attacks. Panic attacks are triggered by a stressful situation and this is what most people think, but in fact you are more likely to suffer a panic attack if you have certain kinds of deficiencies.

If you are person that has a lot of stress in their life and you have panic attacks on a fairly regular basis then you might think that you need to lower the stress in your life, and while this might be the case it might not be your only problem. Having panic attacks fairly regularly is a sign that you might have an iron deficiency. If you have low iron levels you are much more likely to have the problem of panic attacks. The reason is not that low iron levels cause panic attacks but make it more likely that you will have an attack in a stressful situation. If you think that you are having these attacks at times when you might not normally have an attack then you might need to look into some things.
Iron Deficiency and Anemia

If you think that you have an iron deficiency then you need to find out if you do have low iron levels by going to your doctor. Your doctor can run some tests to see if you have low levels of anything including iron. If you do have a problem with your iron then you need to talk with your doctor about what the options are to get the levels back up to normal. You doctor might say that you should take some nutrients supplements to get the levels back up to normal or they might recommend that you simply make sure that you eat more foods that have iron in them.

Once you are successful in increasing the iron in your body then hopefully you will be able to notice that your anxiety is getting better. You should notice that over time you are going to be able to handle stressful situations better and you won’t always feel like you need to panic with any situation. Just keep in mind that you won’t fix the problem overnight, it might take a little bit of time, it will be a slow process and it will take some time to make sure that you get back to normal completely. Who would have thought that simply increasing your iron intake could have such an effect on your mental help?

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