Sun Screen Protection – What You really need ?



Perhaps one of the most talked about topic during summer time is Sun Screen Protection ! Nevertheless, even we had done our works in such protection, our lovely tender skin has eventually being damaged by the hot sun, one way or another. Way so ?!

Under the hot summer, our skin is actually under great test ! Let’s carefully look thru some of the below general knowledge and details :-

What do us really need to get protection from ?

In actual, we need to beware of the UVA area ! The long wave ultraviolet ray. This is the main culprit that really could damage the lipin and the collagen . UVA may penetrate the corium layer, causes the skin to tan, and accelerates skin aging activities.

UVB area ( the midwave ultraviolet ray ) – it may penetrate the skin’s corium layer, causes our skin gets burnt, red spot. But UVB could be shielded by clothes and glass.

Choosing the Right Protection for Various Skin Types

sunscreenDo note that different skin nature requires different product in sun’s protection. That is, everyone might require different application for sun protection.

  • Oily Skin Type – Advisable to choose water based sun protection lotion as it could helps to penetrate and better absorb by oily skin.
  • Dry Skin Type – Choose Cream based for sun protection, which provide strong application.
  • Natural/Mixed Skin Type  – Choose lotion based sun screen protection.

Getting the Right SPF Value

In general, when the SPF value is higher, it gives higher level in protection. In general, under normal weather condition, SPF8 to 12 would be suitable for normal skin type. For those who needs higher level f sun protection, choose SPF30 sun block lotion ;  For those with skin allergy, SPF value of 12 to 20 is more suitable.

Selecting the Right Protection with PA value

By now we should know, it is not only getting the right SPF value in sun block protection.  Because SPF can only defend our skin against the U-VB ultraviolet ray, which is only 1% ultraviolet rays.

The real major damages come from U-VA which could harms our elastic fiber rapidly, and causes the aging problem. To protect our skin against UVA, we should be looking for products with UVA “PA+”  indication.

For those going for swimming, it is wise to get sun block with not only SPF30+ value, but also with PA+++ indication. This would give you the best protection so far.

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