Avoid Sudden Weight Gain – High Risk Fats Gaining Period

How to lose weight -> One of the most distress issues in most women mind ! Nevertheless, little to our awareness, there are some period where we are particularly easier in gaining those extra weight and becoming obese.

  • Fluctuating Dieting Habits
Diet Plan Change
This could often happen to those who are not on diet plan, especially after initial success on dietary plan and have some weight dropped, or those out of disappointment or frustration and abandoned the diet plan, going back to original diet habits. In such occasions, it will eventually leads to more weight gain ! Keep in mind that diet plan must be consistent.
  • Getting those Job Promotion
Yup , surprise it maybe , but when people are “rising” on the job, we tend to feel proud mentally. There is nothing wrong with it. But we didn’t realized that our appetite will also gets on the rise too !
Apart from that, as the job position gets higher, one will inevitably gets more on responsibilities and work scope. All these add up to mental stress. Unknowingly, you could bite on those extra snacks and drinks. Those are extra calorie that could add on to the weight.
  • Post Natal and Breast Feeding Period
post natal breast feed It’s just natural ! For women going thru both Post Natal and Breast Feeding is actually also going thru the one of the most dangerous period of gaining extra fat, especially fats on the buttocks and thighs.
Take a good control on the frequent intake of high fat foods, those are really hard to get away after the post natal period. On the other hand, to ensure the high nutritional requirements, women going thru this period should eat more on fresh vegetables and fruits.
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